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BN-880 v3 Handset

3rd Gen of this amazingly popular fully-featured handset designed around BroadNet Software

After 5 years of research and customer feedback we have designed the perfect handset that packs power with its 6000MHa battery and ease of use, Advanced network acquisition that is ready to run after just 3 seconds of turning on, No other handset will be up and running this fast after a boot routine.

As with all the radios we sell, it's not just the radio you get you also get our support too, we only support customers who have purchased from us, that means if you have a problem our team will help, we have a dedicated support structure to tackle issues, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Features Top of the handset 1. Volume control / Power on on top 2. Channel / Talk Group selector on the top 3. Voice guide announces which Channel / Talk Group you are on 4. SOS Emergency button on top

Left Side 1. Start / Stop Scan Button. This allows you to easily scan your Channels / Talk Groups with voice announcements "Scan Active" " Scan Stop" if the handset stops on a channel you can transmit back on that channel, if no activity the scan will resume, or you can press the start-stop scan button

2. Smart PTT Button. This is your push to talk button, a quick press in scan mode allows you to stop scanning a tone will be heard to notify you are ready to transmit and then you can transmit on the channel you started scanning with, if no activity the scan will resume or you can press the start-stop scan button if you are not in scan mode it will act as a normal PTT Button.

3. Request to talk. This will send a signal back to your operator in the control room that you would like a callback or P2P from CAD Control

Front This is your main keypad where you can enter PTT mode or Tel mode you have your screen navigation keys Up / Down. 2=Left 3=Right, Enter Key and Back Key along with numbers and letters.

Right Side Here you can plug in a headset and also a micro USB for charging on the go.

Back your huge battery live here which has USB type C direct charging so you can take the battery off to charge, great if you have a spare battery, Standard Klick Fast adapters are native to this handset or if you prefer a belt clip that is available as well, Your sim card "we recommend CSN Cards from BroadNet for the best possible coverage" or you can use any 3G/4D Mini Sim

This handset is only available from BroadNet as it is custom made by us architecture IT WILL NOT SUPPORT ANY OTHER PTT SERVICE nor are you able to load any other software, If you require your own software this can only be done by a BroadNet engineer using our own security signature software exclusive to us.

Specifications CDMA 1x: 800MHz GSM: Quadband (850/900/1800Mhz TDD-LTE: Band38/Band39/Band40/Band41 FDD-LTE Band1/Band3/Band5/Band8

WiFi Satellite Position GPS/BEIDOU/GLONASS Bluetooth BT4.1LE Normal Voltage DC:3.7 - 4.2V Working Time (5:5:90 - 25c +75c Battery Capacity (Polymer Li-ion) 6000MHa Working up time 23 Hours Measurement LxWxH mm 111x58x38

IP Rating 54

Dock Charger, Head Set, Klick Fast Stud, Spare Battery all sold separately

The BroadNet BN880 is subject to copyright law (c) 2019 BroadNet Communications Systems Ltd

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