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BN110 4G Handset

BroadNet BN110 v2

4G /LTE Much improved GPS receiver, stronger ABS casing, channel UP/DOWN buttons (can be mapped to SOS) under the main PTT menu.

Waterproof with a long standby time of 80 hours, The BN-110 has 36mm diameter speaker with a double chamber making it extremely loud, our best sounding handset.

The BN-110 comes with a USB charging cable, antenna, belt clip

It is a reliable 4G Handset which with BroadNet’s custom-designed software provides your company with a secure radio network, with excellent connectivity for professionals working in environments where first class communication is essential.

The BN1-110 comes with a MICRO5 pin data line so it works with the supported accessories

This unit also doubles as a phone with call and text capabilities, this can also be locked out so the handset can only be used for PTT or PoTs phone calls

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